Pumped Storage Projects

The following are among the prospective pumped storage projects currently being studied by Gridflex:

White Pine Pumped Storage

Location: Ely County, Nevada
Type: Closed Loop Pumped Storage
Generating Capacity: 500-750 MW
Energy Storage Potential:  9,000 MWh

Rose Creek Pumped Storage

Location: Mineral County, Nevada
Type: Semi-Closed Loop with Integrated Desalination
Generating Capacity: 200-250 MW
Energy Storage Potential: 2,000-3,000 MWh

Black Canyon Pumped Storage

Location:  Carbon County, Wyoming
Type: Pumped storage utilizing existing lower reservoirs
Generating Capacity: 700-1,000 MW
Energy Storage Potential: 11,000 MWh

Prineville Pumped Storage

Location: Crook County, Oregon
Type: Existing Reservoir
Generating Capacity: 150-200 MW
Energy Storage Potential:1,250 MWh

Anderson Ranch Pumped Storage

Location: Elmore County, Oregon
Type: Existing Reservoir
Generating Capacity: 80 MW
Energy Storage Potential:1,000 MWh

Gridflex is investigating additional high-potential pumped storage sites in areas where they can meet needs for flexible capacity and support renewable resource integration.